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Inspection, Testing and Repair of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Reinforced concrete structures suffer from a variety of problems which require repair in good time in order to prevent further deterioration. These range from initial construction defects and poor detailing to the effects of our modern environment over time. As many concrete structures are of significant height, the spalling of cover concrete presents a real and present danger for owners and occupiers. The correct assessment of the condition through accurate inspection and testing of any reinforced concrete structure is paramount for the selection of a durable repair specification. A summary of the services we provide can be found below.

Surveys and Testing
Provision of a suitable scope of works for the inspection and testing of each structure.
Inspection and testing of concrete structures including covermeter surveys, carbonation depth testing, chloride and HAC analysis, half-cell potential surveys, core sampling and compressive strength testing.
Specialist access surveys and making safe of concrete structures.
Production of comprehensive reports detailing the nature, cause and extent of any deterioration and recommendation for repair.

Concrete Consultancy
Structural assessments, inspection and conformation of reinforced concrete design for adaptations and extensions.
Production of bespoke material specifications for the repair of concrete structures.
Production of Bills of Quantities in Concrete Repair Association format for the repair of concrete structures.
Inspection and assessment of fire damage to concrete structures and recommendation for repair.

Materials Testing
Repair materials and coatings
Asbestos Cements
Steel Reinforcement (corrosion potential)

Spalling Concrete Car Park Soffit Precast Concrete High Level Spalling Potential Hazard Fire Damage
As an ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 accredited company, full members of Safecontractor, the Concrete Repair Association and CHAS and accredited by Constructionline with a wealth of experience both in the UK and overseas, The Concrete Consultancy 2000 Ltd offers a truly independent service for the inspection, testing and assessment of reinforced concrete structures upon which Engineers and Surveyors may rely.

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