Concrete Testing, Repairs & Reinforcement Protection - The Concrete Consultancy 2000 Ltd.

Providing Professional Impartial Advice

  1. Structural assessments are made by fully qualified engineers with a comprehensive knowledge of concrete construction techniques and may highlight areas of concern and provide professional advice. This information is crucial when planning any structural repairs or adaptations to reinforced concrete structures.
  2. The ability to specify and advise on the correct material or repair method must be based on complete Independence and freedom from obligation.
  3. The durable repair of reinforced concrete structures often relies on the correct specification of materials and methods to combat the effects of carbonation or chlorides within the concrete. A comprehensive knowledge of all the latest materials and repair methods is crucial to the selection of any concrete repair specification. We provide reliable, independent professional advice regarding all repair requirements.
  4. Concrete repair contracts are measured using a unique method of measurement formulated by the Concrete Repair Association and are usually subject to re-measurement. However, the correct professional assessment of levels of repairs and works required provides sufficient information to tender contracts on a lump sum fixed price basis thus avoiding unforeseen additional expense.
  5. The assessment of fire damage is carried out in line with The Concrete Society Technical Report No. 68 and includes both on site and laboratory based techniques to fully assess the significance of any extreme heat and correctly specify concrete repairs.
  6. Any specification will always consider:
    1. Practicality
    2. Clients Expenditure
    3. Required Longevity
    4. Environmental Effects