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After a number of publicised collapses, the maintenance and repair of multi-storey car parks have become a priority. Utilising our wealth of experience in this sector we are able to offer specialist testing techniques providing the ability to pinpoint areas of deterioration and provide suitable, electrochemical and traditional methods of concrete repair.

Car park structures are an important part of the UKs infrastructure and essential for the operation of businesses, local authorities, shopping centres and airports. In order to ensure these structures remain safe and durable, they must be maintained regularly. Corrosion of the reinforcement resulting in cracking, hollowing and spalling of the structural elements is a common defect associated with car park structures and often occurs as a result of the use of chloride based de-icing salts. If not repaired and protected, long term deterioration of a car parks structural members can result in significant structural problems.

The Concrete Consultancy 2000 Ltd specialise in the inspection and testing of multi storey and underground car park structures. With over 20 years’ experience we are able to provide invaluable advice and cost-effective options for repair and maintenance of car park structures.

While undertaking concrete condition surveys and repairs of occupied car parks can be difficult, our experienced planning team can ensure the car park remains open during inspection and repair, minimising disruption and reducing loss of parking spaces or revenue. Various testing techniques utilise Non-destructive Testing (NDT) which can be easily relocated should operatives be required to move during testing. This allows quick reaction to changing circumstances and busy environments.

The Concrete Consultancy 2000 Ltd provide a full service from inspection and testing to repair and refurbishment and work closely with our clients to ensure we achieve the best possible result. We understand the importance of a fast return to service and aim tom optimise any programme with the use of out of hours working, non-destructive testing techniques and fast setting repair materials.

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